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2016 Annual Report


Uniting for Golden State water solutions


Water unites life on Earth. Humans, wildlife, plants – we all need it, from a clean source and in sufficient supply.

This biological requirement connects California’s myriad environmental problems. As daunting challenges face our most precious resource, Sustainable Conservation gathers strength and inspiration from our commonalities to steer water solutions for our Golden State.

With your support, we work through confluence – recognizing that conservation momentum quickens when multiple currents of change flow together as one. By listening closely to one another and joining forces to maximize our impact, we’re better able to meet the water needs of our Golden State’s environment, economy, and communities.

Thank you for everything you made possible in 2016. All of us at Sustainable Conservation are deeply grateful for your partnership.

Ashley Boren

Sustainable Conservation’s donors and partners buoy us. From drought to deluge in 2016, your generosity enabled us to take swift action in conserving and protecting California’s water. Thank you for uniting with us in all kinds of weather, and being part of our collaborative, transparent blueprint for environmental change.

- Ashley Boren, Executive Director, Sustainable Conservation -

What You Made Possible

Our Programs

Todd Reeve

At BEF, we have the privilege of identifying and supporting environmental water stewardship projects that meet the sustainability needs of our diverse corporate partners. Sustainable Conservation represents the gold standard of NGOs, developing cutting-edge projects that solve pressing environmental issues and lead the way to a water-secure future.

- Todd Reeve, CEO, Bonneville Environmental Foundation -


Financial Highlights

Support and Revenue

2016 Financial Charts


2016 Financial Charts

Statement of Activities

Foundation Grants $ 2,651,568
Individual Contributions $ 1,190,181
Government Grants $ 319,875
Other $ 79,101
Total Support and Revenue $ 4,240,725
Programs $ 3,698,602
Fundraising $ 932,612
General and Administrative $ 515,284
Total Expenses $ 5,146,498
Investment Income $ 89,293
Change in Net Assets ($ 816,293)
Net Assets Beginning of Year $ 6,271,587
Net Assets End of Year $ 5,455,294

At the end of 2012, Sustainable Conservation launched the Making Big Ideas Work (MBIW) campaign in order to increase revenue and deepen programmatic impacts. Beginning in 2013, Sustainable Conservation has been supporting new initiatives using assets accumulated during the MBIW campaign. The spend down of campaign funds was the main driver of the decrease in net assets of $816,293 in 2016. The spend down will continue through 2017 as Sustainable Conservation spends MBIW campaign funds as planned.

Review the complete financial report audited by DZH Phillips LLP, Certified Public Accountants & Advisors.

Charity Navigator LogoSustainable Conservation consistently receives top honors from the country’s premier charity evaluator, Charity Navigator, for our financial strength, excellent governance, and ability to maximize the impact of donations.

Cynthia Hunter Lang

For nearly 20 years, through my close involvement as a donor, Board member, and now Advisory Board member, I have seen first-hand how Sustainable Conservation continually sets the bar high in areas of leadership, collaboration, and – most important – impact. They drive environmental and economic wins for California by bringing the right people to the table and building sincere relationships among unlikely partners. As a result, their conservation solutions stick.

- Cynthia Hunter Lang, Donor, Sustainable Conservation Advisory Board Member -


Our People

YOU, dear donors, make our work go, helping to steward California’s natural resources for current and future generations. Sustainable Conservation extends gratitude to the following individual and institutional supporters who contributed generously between January – December 2016 to catalyze solutions that benefit our Golden State’s environment, economy, and people.

Founder Circle

Gifts over $100,000


The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

The Battery Foundation

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Chris and Nina Buchbinder

California Department of Food and Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

General Mills

Kristine Johnson and Tim Dattels

Morgan Family Foundation

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Russell and Elizabeth Siegelman

Water Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service- National Conservation Innovation Grants

Visionary Circle

Gifts between $50,000 and $99,999

Anonymous (4)

Fresno Council of Governments

The Elizabeth R. and William J. Patterson Foundation

Rebecca Patton and Tom Goodrich

Tundra Glacier Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Innovator Circle

Gifts between $25,000 and $49,999

Almond Board of California


The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

The Coca-Cola Foundation

The Joseph Drown Foundation

The Duka Foundation, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Dan and Rae Emmett

The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation

Kissick Family Foundation

The Landers Family

The Lennox Foundation


Noel Perry

The Rose Hills Foundation

Sand Hill Foundation

Entrepreneur Circle

Gifts between $10,000 and $24,999


Chuck and Druann Ahlem

David and Lyn Anderson

William C. Bannerman Foundation

Richard Barker

Laura and Girard Beaudin

Beller Moses Family Foundation

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation (corporate matching gifts)

Chevron Corporation

Annette and Tom Counts

Cox Family Fund

Dancing Tides Foundation

Andy and Dana Eckert

Jennifer Hernandez

Darcy and Richard Kopcho

Kirsten and Arthur Miller

Peggy Miller

Kristi and Tom Patterson

Payne Family Foundation

J. Miles Reiter and Rosanne Reiter Family Foundation

Nancy and Greg Serrurier

Flora L. Thornton Foundation

Gregory Wendt

Partner Circle

Gifts between $5,000 and $9,999


Ashley Boren and Dan Purtell

Philip and Jamie Bowles

Don and Diane Bransford

Tad and Emilia Buchanan

Michael Bush

Raymond M. Deméré, Jr. Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Dan and Diana Dooley

Driscoll’s, Inc.


Fred Gellert Family Foundation

Joe Gervais and Bonnie Brown

Gliffy Charitable Fund

Mrs. Charlene C. Harvey

Laura Hattendorf and Andy Kau

Bill and Daryn Horton

Hotchkis Foundation, designated by Sarah Hotchkis Ketterer

Kate Juergens

The Bob and Edie Kirkwood Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

The Kutter Family Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Cynthia Hunter Lang

Latham & Watkins LLP

MacTon Foundation

The Oppenheim Family Fund, an advised fund of Vanguard Charitable

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Tina and John Quinn

Douglas Rigg

The Schmitz-Fromherz Family Fund

Cindy Starrett

Stuart and Lisa Woolf

Leadership Circle

Gifts between $1,000 and $4,999

ACR Foundation


The Applewood Fund at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County

Aufmuth Family Foundation

Joe and Toni Bagley

James Beecher

Frank Boren

Sandy Carlson and Steven Rudman

Carrie and Mark Casey

Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program

Portia and Andy Cohen

The Carol and James Collins Foundation, designated by Melissa C. Gudim

Crescent Porter Hale Foundation, designated by Gregory Ryan

The Cygnet Foundation

Cari and Bill Dauphinais

Susan and Eric Dunn

Eades Foundation

The Ecke Family

Jon Elam

Bob Epstein and Amy Roth

Sally and Craig Falkenhagen

Laura and John Fisher

Alison and Chuck Gardner

Kay Sprinkel Grace

Winston Hickox

The James Irvine Foundation

Iverson Family Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Peter Kareiva

Rich and Gina Kelley

Chip Koch and Tricia Stone

Stephen Koch and Kathy Nyrop

Landau/Purcell Charitable Lead Trust

Eric Lee

The Suzanne Legallet Charitable Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Maricopa Orchards

Steve and Katy McCormick

Deb and Tim McCune

Sandra and John McGonigle

Mendocino Redwood Company, LLC

Fran Miller and Daniel McLaughlin

John J. Moller Family Foundation

Noelle Montgomery and Dan Janney

Nancy McCallister and Fred Benz

Richard Morrison

Stephanie Moulton-Peters and Roger Peters

Jennifer and Leslie Moulton-Post

Jan Nash and Elizabeth Resnick

Nursery Growers Association of California

Doug and Emilie Ogden

Adán Ortega, Jr. and Susan Allen

James Ostrom

Julie Packard

Jim and Mary Rickert

Sarah and Carl Rosendahl

Barbara and Gregory Rosston, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Lois and Arthur Roth

Michael Spiegelman

Richard Storrs

Dana and Jeff Swisher

Sarah Taylor

Allison Harvey Turner and Michael Turner

Tom and Janet Unterman

Kelsey Wirth and Dr. Samuel Myers

Collaborator Circle

Gifts between $500 and $999


Atherton Garden Guild

Daryl Babbitt

Dora and John Bennett

The Scott and Ky-Van Benson Charitable Fund

Alice B. Brown, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

The Victoria Chen and Jeffrey Guild Fund

Brenda Christensen and Tom Barry

Gregory and Jessica Coleman

Beth Cross and Tony Stayner

Kimberley and Christopher Delfino

Angie and Michael Earnhardt

The Tisha Weber Ford Family Fund, an advised fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation

Peter and Kendall Galli

Bruce and Madelyn Glickfeld

Google Matching Gifts Program

Ellen Hanak and Robert Valletta

Julie and David Hodge

Ellen Johnston

Amanda and Gregory Jones

Jok and Kirsten Legallet

Julie and Craig McNamara

Elizabeth Novak Milliken

Sandra V. Naftzger Fund, an advised fund at the California Community Foundation

Netflix Matching Gifts

Elisabeth and Jeff Ostrow

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (corporate matching gifts)

Julie and William Parish

The Sharon Perry Fund, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Amy Risch

Pamela Sergio

Kevin Starr

J. Stacey Sullivan and Adrienne Alvord

Andrea and John Thomas

Margaret Trumbly

Tony and Joan Turkovich

Wendy and Mason Willrich

Yahoo Matching Gifts

Contributor Circle

Gifts between $1 and $499

Andrea Adams-Morden and Bruce Morden


American Consumer Opinion

John and Marsha Anderson

Kari Anderson

Betty Andrews

Anonymous (12)

Cristina Reis de Araujo

Murray Aronson

Ladi Asgill

Chiye Azuma

Carol Baird and Alan Harper

Ann Boren

Martin and Marsha Brait

Elizabeth Brazeau

Kathy Brown

Janel Brynda

Nancy Budge

Bob and Heidi Burke

Lewis Butler

BW Auto Dismantlers

Daniel Campbell

Patricia Campbell

John Cardoza

Cards for Causes, LLC

Robyn Carliss and Joshua Pieper

Hazel Castuciano

Emmy Cattani

Katie, Emmy and Laura Cattani

Ralph Cavanagh

Christian Ceci

Charles Collins

Don and Diane Cooley

Susan Corlett

Jocelyn and Gregory Cortese

Eric and Mary Crawford

Andrea Cristofani

Gretchen Daily

Karen Dell

Katie Dennis

Nona Dennis

Houston Do

Gayle Dukelow

Amanda Dyson and Kevin Lai

Michelle Eaton

Claire Elliott

Neil Elliott

Stephanie Falzone

Natalie Fawzi

Richard Fike and Sara Thorpe

Norma and Earl Fogelberg

Eileen and Jon Fredrikson

Michele Good

Alexa Graziani

Janet and James Grinstead

Tracy Grubbs and Richard Taylor

Coke and James Hallowell

Christa Harader

Ayris Hatton

Jack Henderson and Gail Tint

Lawrence Henderson

Martha Henderson

Michael and Barbara Hertel

Ann-Marie Hogan

Betty and Bob Hogan

John Huddleston

Judy Jacobson

Mike Jones

Richard Kannisto

Alex Karolyi and Seana O’Shaughnessy

Arthur Kelly

Lois and Leland Kent

Dara Kerkorian

Linda Kilb

Camille King

Sabina King

Jeremy Koch and Katherine Humpstone

Christina Kohler

Jeff Kosbie

Ken Krich and Nancy Leahong

Rita Kroll-Pardella and Fred Pardella

Kathleen and John Lee

Youlee Lee

Jane Lew

Todd and Megan Lewis

Henry Peck Little

Jody London and Michael Aronson

James J. Ludwig Foundation

Les and Kay Magoon

Nicole Martin

Ginny Matchette

Rita McCue

Ashley McDonnell

Kathy and Tom McLaughlin

David Menefee and Karin Anderson

Jerry and Barbara Meral

Elizabeth Merryweather

Daniel Mountjoy

Janet and Robert Mountjoy

Sopac McCarthy Mulholland

Amy Myers and Andrew Stocking

Lisa Newbold

Catherine Nichols

Conrad Nicoll

Marion Odell

OSIsoft, LLC

Joan Osterman

Gary Patton

Andrea Peterson and Michael Rubin

Katie and Clark Porter

Wendy Pulling

Jane Quinn

Gordon Rausser

Tres and Julie Reid

Evette and Dennis Richardson

Evelyne and Richard Rominger

Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot

Samuel Salkin and Alexandra Derby

Erich Schimps

Erik Schmidt

Leanne Schy and Mark Stoelting

Laura Sergio

Steve Shaffer

Jananne Sharpless

Susan Sheeran

Ann Silva

Heana Simpson

Shirley and Igor Skaredoff

Candace and George Skarlatos

Scott and Madeleine Sklar

Stephanie Smith and Ted Radosevich

Brian Smithers

Stephen Socolof

The Sparo Corp

Alexandra and Douglas Standing

Berta Steele

Debby Stegura and Larry Vanden Bos

Hugh and Diane Stevenson

Elizabeth Storey

Sam Strasser

Bill Taylor

Paul Terry

Elena and John Thompson

Varian Partners in Giving Employee Engagement Fund

Timothy Vendlinski and Nancy Lindsay

Kathy Viatella

Janet Vogelzang

Miriam Vu

Dick and Carolyn Warmington

Richard Watson

Sue and Kirk Wilkinson

Jack Williams

Susan and Chris Willrich

Brian Wilson

Karin Zimmerman

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

Leah and Brahm Ahmadi, in honor of The Sustainable Conservation Family

Sarra Alpert, in honor of Leah Katz Ahmadi

Don and Diane Cooley, in honor of Daniel Mountjoy

Lafcadio Cortesi and Jo Anne Welsch, in memory of Delane Welsch

Coulter 2006 Management Trust, in honor of Tim Dattels

Annette and Tom Counts, in honor of Ashley Boren

Joe Gervais and Bonnie Brown, in honor of Chris Buchbinder

Jack Henderson, in honor of Ashley Boren

The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation, on behalf of Nancy Ragey, in memory of Kathryn Green

Channah and Lawrence Katz, in honor of Leah Katz Ahmadi

Tom Knox, in honor of Linda Knox

Catherine Lundy, in honor of Tina Quinn

Michelle Mansour, in honor of Robyn Carliss

Kelli McCune, in honor of Isabelle Flores

Frank McGuire, in memory of Pete Beckwith

Lawry and Charles Meister, in honor of Ashley Boren

Lalise Melillo, in honor of Robyn Carliss

Jan Merryweather, in honor of Susan Corlett

Nancy Miljanich, in memory of George Miljanich

Teresa Parker, in honor of all the great people of Sustainable Conservation

Louisa Ritter, in honor of Chip Koch

Lynn Samuels, in honor of Andrea Purdue

Devon Scarfe, in honor of Chris Lenci and Mikaela Medeiros

Shapiro Family Charitable Foundation, in honor of Tina Quinn’s 15 years of Board service

Lee Stapleton, in honor of Ben and Jeanette Barker

Lee Stapleton, in honor of Brian and Dale Stapleton

Lee Stapleton, in honor of Mark Stapleton

Lee Stapleton, in honor of Nash Stapleton

Lee Stapleton, in honor of Virginia Stapleton

Lee Stapleton, in memory of Kenneth Stapleton

Taketa ‘Ohana Fund of the Hawai’i Community Foundation, in honor of Frank Boren

Kym and Mark Williams, in honor of Tina Quinn

Jon Yolles and Stacey Silver Philanthropic Fund, a donor advised fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund, in honor of Chris and Nina Buchbinder

In-Kind Gifts

Gregory and Jessica Coleman

Dudek, Inc.

Environmental Science Associates

Paul Hastings LLP

Hilmar Cheese & Co.

LFA Group - Learning for Action

Chuck and Susie Nichols

Joan and Tony Turkovich

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Sustainable Conservation’s partnerships are key to forging a better path forward for our Golden State. California thrives when we all work together – and we are grateful for the myriad individuals and organizations who unite with us to solve the toughest challenges facing our land, air, and water.

7 Day Nursery

Alameda County Resource Conservation District

Almond Board of California

Alnus Ecological, Inc.

Altman Plants


American Public Gardens Association

American Society of Landscape Architects - Northern California Chapter

Association of California Water Agencies

Association of Professional Landscape Designers, California Chapter

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Audubon California

Bachand & Associates

Back to Natives Nursery

Randy Baldwin, San Marcos Growers

Ball Horticultural

Bar 20 Dairy

Joe & Renee Barroso Dairy

Belmont Nursery

Bidart Dairy

Big Oak Nursery

Biofiltro USA Inc.

Nick Blom

Frank S. Brown Company

Cachuma Operations Maintenance Board

Cachuma Resource Conservation District




California Ag Solutions

California Air Resources Board

California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers

California Association of Resource Conservation Districts

California Coastal Commission

California Council of Land Trusts

California Dairy Campaign

California Dairy Quality Assurance Program

California Department of Conservation

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Department of Food and Agriculture

California Farm Bureau Federation

California Invasive Plant Council

California Landscape Contractors Association

California Native Plant Society

California Natural Resources Agency

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

California Roundtable on Agriculture and the Environment

California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply

California State Coastal Conservancy

California State Parks Department

California State Water Resources Control Board

California Trout

California Urban Water Conservation Council

California Water Action Collaborative

California Water Foundation


Carbon Cycle Institute

Central Coast Wetlands Group

Central Coast Salmon Enhancement


Chicago Botanic Garden

City Farmers Nursery

Clover Prairie Farms

Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District

Council for Watershed Health

Dairy Cares

Defenders of Wildlife

De Jager Dairy


Earth Genome

East Bay Municipal Utility District

Eastern Kern County Resource Conservation District

EcoLandscape California

Efird Ag Enterprises

EMIGH Ace Hardware

Environmental Defense Center

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Science Associates

Fanelli Dairy


Fort Botanic Garden

Foster Farms Dairy

Craig Frear, PhD

Joseph Gallo Farms

General Mills

Giacomazzi Dairy Farms

Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District

Green Acres Nursery & Supply

Green Gardens Group

Green Gulch Farm Zen Center

Grower-Shipper Association

Hahamongna Native Plant Nursery

Heal the Bay

Heritage Oak Winery

High Country Nursery

Holland & Knight LLP

Horticultural Research Institute

Humboldt County Resource Conservation District

Imperial County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office

Inland Empire Resource Conservation District

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

Johann Dairy

Kings River Conservation District

Kings River Water Association

Laguna Irrigation District

Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County


Land Trust for Santa Barbara County

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lockeford Plant Materials Center (Natural Resources Conservation Service)

Lodi Winegrape Commission

Los Angeles County Arboretum

Los Angeles Waterkeeper

Lowe’s, California

Madera Irrigation District

Marin Carbon Project

Marin Municipal Water District

Marin Resource Conservation District

Michael McRee Dairy

McShane’s Nursery and Landscape Supply

Mendocino County Resource Conservation District

Merced County Ag Commissioner’s Office

Milk Producers Council

University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Mission Blue Nursery

Frank Mitloehner, PhD

Monrovia Growers

Joan Morris, Bay Area Garden Writers

Mountains Restoration Trust

National Marine Fisheries Service

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Restoration Center

Netafim, USA

North Park Nursery

Nursery Growers Association

Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

Orchard Supply Hardware, California

Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency

Papenhausen Hardware & Nursery

Point Blue Conservation Science

Prunuske-Chatham, Inc.

Public Policy Institute of California

Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region

Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region

ReScape California

Resource Conservation District, East Stanislaus County

Resource Conservation District, Merced County

Resource Conservation District of Monterey County

Resource Conservation District of San Mateo County

Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County

Resource Conservation District of Santa Monica Mountains

RMC Water and Environment

Roger’s Gardens

Andy Rollins Dairy

Rutgers Gardens

Salmonid Restoration Federation

San Diego Coastkeeper

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

San Mateo County Weed Management Area

Sanctuary Forest

Sand County Foundation

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper

Santa Clara County Open Space Authority

Save Our Water

Sequoia Riverlands Trust

Siskiyou Resource Conservation District

Sloat Garden Center

Solana Succulents

Sonoma Resource Conservation District

South Coast Habitat Restoration

Stanford Center for Groundwater Evaluation and Management

Nan Sterman, A Growing Passion

Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops

SummerWinds Nursery (California)

Tahoe Resource Conservation District

Talini’s Nursery

Terranova Ranch

The Garden Company

The Home Depot Garden Centers, California

The Nature Conservancy

The Plant Foundry

Tri-County Fish Team

Trout Unlimited

Tulare Irrigation District

UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

UC Cooperative Extension, Davis

UC Cooperative Extension, Monterey

UC Davis

UC Davis, Arboretum

UC Davis, California Center for Urban Horticulture

UC Davis, Department of Plant Sciences

UC Davis, Information Center for the Environment

UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

UC Master Gardener Program

UC Santa Cruz

Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District

US Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service

US Fish and Wildlife Service

US Forest Service

Valsigna Farms

Wegis and Young

Wegman’s Nursery

West Star Dairy

Western Growers Association

Western Shasta Resource Conservation District

Western United Dairymen

Assemblymember Das Williams

Yamagami’s Nursery

Yurok Tribe

Ellen Zagory, UC Davis Arboretum

DESIGN: Vicki Valentine

WRITING AND ART DIRECTION: Robyn Carliss, Director of Creative Services

Photo below Welcome section, of Terranova Ranch General Manager/Vice President Don Cameron and Sustainable Conservation Project Manager Danielle Duncan: Paolo Vescia.

WATER FOR THE FUTURE (in slide show order): 1: Paolo Vescia. 2: Paolo Vescia. 3: Robyn Carliss. 4, main: Scott Sills. 4, inset: Alex Karolyi. 5, photo of panel discussion: Alex Karolyi.

ACCELERATING RESTORATION (in slide show order): 1: NMFS/Southwest Fisheries Science Center. 2, left: Courtesy of South Coast Habitat Restoration. 2, middle: Chuck Gardner. 2, right: Chuck Gardner. 3, left: Paolo Vescia. 3, right: Robyn Carliss. 4, insets: Robyn Carliss.

WASTE NOT (in slide show order): 1: Alex Karolyi. 2, left: Paolo Vescia. 2, right: John Cardoza. 3: Paolo Vescia. 5: Teresa Parker.

PLANTRIGHT (in slide show order): 1: Saxon Holt. 2: Stephanie Falzone. 3: Jo Bardsley.

Richard Waycott

Sustainable Conservation has been an integral partner in exploring the potential for groundwater recharge efforts in almond orchards. Since we began working together in 2015, Sustainable Conservation has engaged multiple almond farmers across the Central Valley who volunteered their orchards for this important research. We look forward to continuing this work to address the water supply concerns of today while preparing California for future droughts and the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

- Richard Waycott, President and CEO, Almond Board of California -