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Making Big Ideas Work

Join Sustainable Conservation in making California a place for big ideas.

California has always been a place for big ideas.

Our innovation led to the first personal computer and, at the same time, has made California the most productive farming state in the nation for the last half-century. We helped launch the modern environmental movement.

With your support, Sustainable Conservation can keep this think-big legacy alive.

Business as an Ally

We helped pass Senate Bill 346 to eliminate harmful copper in automobile brake pads sold in Calif. and across North America, boosting clean water and healthy wildlife on an international scale.

Nearly two decades ago— long before "sustainability" was in vogue— we posed a simple but powerful question: Why can't promoting a healthy environment also be good for the economy?

Challenging conventional wisdom, we pioneered working with, not against, California industries to make clean air and water, thriving wildlife and a healthy climate business as usual. We were the first to recognize that for environmental solutions to stick and have the biggest impact, they've got to be profitable.

Nearly 20 years of dreaming up, perfecting and expanding a bold vision for a vibrant state has paid off. There's more to be done, though.

California at a Crossroads

Over half of our rivers and streams that millions of Californians depend on for drinking and growing food get a failing grade for their poor quality. Wildlife and habitat are disappearing at an alarming rate. California still produces some of the dirtiest air in the nation. The list goes on.

Get Involved

With your support, we can continue proving that a flourishing environment and economy are not only possible, but essential to a bright future. We can, together, keep California a place for big ideas.

Our Latest Initiatives

CONSERVATION TILLAGE – Farming clean air

Conservation tillage document

ECOSYSTEM SERVICES – Rewarding landowners for enhancing nature

Ecosystem services document

ACCELERATING RESTORATION ON PRIVATE LANDS – Partnering for statewide programmatic permitting

Partners in restoration document

PLANTRIGHT – Stopping the sale of invasive plants in California

Plantright document

CULTIVATING ABUNDANT WATER – Partnering with Farmers on Regional Water Solutions

Plantright document

IMPROVING CALIFORNIA'S WATER QUALITY – Partnering with Dairies for Clean Water

Water quality document