Is a Sustainable Groundwater Supply in Calif. Possible?

Pioneering farmer and Sustainable Conservation partner Don Cameron talks about his efforts to bolster dwindling Central Valley groundwater supplies for a secure water future.

Flooding an orchard

Building a Subterranean Savings Account to Weather Future Droughts

The ongoing drought has depleted our most precious resource as we struggle to fill the shortfall left by five parched years. We can’t live without water to drink and grow our food, but how can we balance these needs when shortages loom large?

Landowner beside a restored stream

Clearing the Path to Fish and Wildlife Recovery

The time to restore habitat for California’s imperiled wildlife is today – or yesterday. More than 350 of our Golden State species are threatened or endangered, with little opportunity left to rebound. The more quickly we can act to help save them, the better.


Preventing Invasive Plants at the Source

PlantRight enlists the help of plant researchers, growers and retailers to stop the spread of invasive plants, which pose a threat to people, communities and wildlife alike. Together, we're not only removing harmful plants from store shelves, but we're preventing them from appearing in the first place.


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John Keller of Monrovia

"They recognize environmental and economic sustainability must go hand-in-hand. By bringing together diverse stakeholders to develop common-sense solutions, they help Calif.'s environment and economy thrive."

John Keller Vice President of Planning and Research, Monrovia

"There's no other organization that has Sustainable Conservation's track record of catalyzing the farming community to solve California's pressing environmental issues."

Craig McNamara President, Calif. State Board of Food & Agriculture; Owner, Sierra Orchards

"Sustainable Conservation's power isn't just in bringing very different stakeholders - like industry, government and landowners - to the table. It's keeping them there until problems are fixed for good."

Kim Delfino Calif. Program Director, Defenders of Wildlife

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