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Celebrating 25 Years of Big Wins for California’s Environment, People

Since 1993, we’ve united Californians – farmers, industry, government and conservationists – like no other to protect the state’s land, air and water. Common ground is more vital than ever, so join us in building powerful alliances for a thriving California.


Building Tools for Managing California's Water

Sustainable Conservation and Earth Genome's innovative app helps water managers build sustainable water future.


Not a Moment to Spare

Habitat restoration projects have the power to protect California’s vibrant landscapes, water resources, and iconic species. Read more about how Sustainable Conservation makes it easier to carry out this time-sensitive work.


Celebrating a Farming Family's Legacy of Stewardship

Congratulations to C. Jeff Thomson, International for their work to protect and enhance California's land, water and wildlife.


Buoying the Golden State’s Water Future

Check out our 2016 impact report, and be inspired by our efforts to help meet the water needs of California’s environment, economy and people.


Support our Work

Our donors make it possible for us to unite people in solving California's toughest environmental challenges. Join us in helping California thrive!


"Sustainable Conservation represents the gold standard of NGOs, developing cutting-edge projects that solve pressing environmental issues and lead the way to a water-secure future."

Todd Reeve CEO, Bonneville Environmental Foundation

"There's no other organization that has Sustainable Conservation's track record of catalyzing the farming community to solve California's pressing environmental issues."

Craig McNamara President, Calif. State Board of Food & Agriculture; Owner, Sierra Orchards

"Sustainable Conservation's power isn't just in bringing very different stakeholders - like industry, government and landowners - to the table. It's keeping them there until problems are fixed for good."

Kim Delfino Calif. Program Director, Defenders of Wildlife

Maximizing the impact of donations, providing financial transparency

Charity Navigator 4 star badgeWe consistently receive top honors from the country’s premier charity evaluator, Charity Navigator, for our financial strength, excellent governance, and ability to maximize the impact of donations. Learn about our finances here.

Sustainable Conservation excels at delivering the greatest impact with every contribution – real, lasting change for our environment and people. They have been a tremendous investment for the Foundation in building a better future for California.”

— Laurie Dachs, President and Vice Chair,
S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation