Aquatic restoration projects made easier in California thanks to new statewide consultation available to federal agencies

We're thrilled to announce a NEW consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to accelerate the pace and scale of restoration in California. Congratulations to our team and all our partners!


Three Things to Know About the New U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Authorization

We break down three of the most exciting facts about the new authorization for restoration proponents to know for their beneficial habitat restoration projects.


Resilience Through Restoration: Kim Delfino and Curtis Knight in Conversation

We're delighted to announce our Fall 2022 Webinar Series, Resilience Through Restoration! Join us as we explore why we must accelerate the pace and scale of ecosystem restoration to boost climate resilience in California.


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Frank Dennis Boren, 1934-2022

Sustainable Conservation co-founder Frank Boren died at home peacefully with his daughters at his side on May 25, 2022. He was 88.


Thrive California

Read about our watershed moment and how we're transforming water management in the latest issue of Thrive California!


A Watershed Moment: Aysha Massell on Floodplains, Recharge, and Collaboration for the Future

As we expand our Merced River Watershed study to four additional watersheds in the San Joaquin Valley, we checked in with Water for the Future Program Director Aysha Massell to learn more about why the project is so critical for California’s water and people


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Craig McNamara, Owner of Sierra Orchards Former President, CA State Board of Food & Agriculture

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