Sustainable Conservation Commends Governor's Floodwater Use Executive Order

Actions such as the Executive Order will help California's water supply system adapt to the realities of climate change, which will continue to bring heightened storm events, as well as more frequent and intense droughts.


A Watershed Moment: Realizing our Recharge Potential

Watch our latest webinar now! Dr. Daniel Mountjoy shared what the recent storms mean for groundwater recharge in 2023 and beyond, and how we can better prepare for future wet and dry times to ensure a safe and sustainable water future for California.


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“So much at stake”: Our Water Team on Opportunities, Hopes for the Future

We sat down with our water team to learn about what all this recent water means for our work, and their hopes for 2023.


Apply now for the 2023 CA Leopold Conservation Award!

Our farmers, ranchers and foresters can, and do, play a major role in stewarding our natural resources. Nominate a peer - or yourself! - with an outstanding conservation ethic today through July 18th.

A picture of CEO Ashley Boren. To the left, text reads

Persistence, Perseverance: Preparing for our Uncertain Climate Future

CEO Ashley Boren reflects on our critical watershed expansion and accelerating restoration work in 2022, and sets the stage for all that's to come in 2023.


A Wet Start to 2023: Rethinking Floods and Aquifer Recharge

Our current series of atmospheric rivers are wreaking havoc on the state and permeating our news cycle. Get in touch with us for all things water, recharge, flood and drought in California!


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“Sustainable Conservation is a standout among its peers for taking the time to understand the issues farmers face, crafting solutions which benefit everyone and endure over the long-haul.”

Paul Sousa, Environmental Services Director Western United Dairymen

“As a policy expert, I value Sustainable Conservation’s breakthrough environmental solutions particularly because they’re fact-based and vetted through collaborative, real-world research and experimentation. By consistently reaching out to new players and trying fresh approaches, the organization arrives at custom, cost-effective strategies to address emerging challenges.”

Adán Ortega, Jr. Donor; Sustainable Conservation Board Member and Southern California Regional Committee Member; Principal, Ortega Strategies Group; Fullerton, CA
Dina Nolan

"Sustainable Conservation is helping meet California's water challenges head-on through creative thinking and sophisticated resources. They're assisting water agencies in developing tools so farming and communities alike can thrive."

Dina Nolan, Assistant General Manager Madera Irrigation District

Sustainable Conservation excels at delivering the greatest impact with every contribution – real, lasting change for our environment and people. They have been a tremendous investment for the Foundation in building a better future for California.”

— Lauren B. Dachs, President and Founder,
Laural Foundation