Sarah Reuter


Sarah Reuter is a hydrologist with experience in hydrologic modeling, data analysis, coding, statistics, and GIS. She studied evapotranspiration and worked as a research assistant with a group at New Mexico Tech, building a water-balance model for the State of New Mexico. Her work involved investigating the relationship between rainfall, runoff, and aquifer recharge. She also has experience conducting research on rivers, and worked as part of the River Eyes program, conducting daily data collection along the Rio Grande as part of the effort to save Silvery Minnows during flow recessions. After graduate school she worked as a hydrologist for Daniel B. Stephens and Assoc. for three years where she was exposed to a large variety of projects all around the country. Much of her work involved modeling how contamination travels through groundwater and conducting statistical analysis on groundwater quality data. Sarah is from Fresno California, where she grew up hearing about groundwater supply and quality issues and she is passionate about working towards a sustainable water future for California.

Sarah earned a Masters Degree in Hydrology from New Mexico Tech and a BS in Earth Science from the University of California Santa Cruz.

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