Shayan Kaveh

Science Communicator

Shayan is a recent graduate of the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management with a passion to create persuasive scientific communications that highlight environmental justice and marginalized voices. His graduate research with Conservation International and the Public Policy Institute of California focused on projections of international agricultural abandonment and identifying priority restoration regions on these lands in California and Brazil.

Before joining Sustainable Conservation, Shayan worked for the youth empowerment organization Amigos de las Americas, where he managed programs for 40+ youth from the US and Latin America to experience cultural immersion, food justice, and indigenous activism in host communities. As an undergraduate in Environmental Toxicology at UC Davis, Shayan worked at the university’s student farm and performed eDNA research with the Genomic Variation Lab on bat diets in the Sacramento Valley, post-fire pollination in the Sierras, and aquatic species surveys in the Suisun Delta.

When he’s not working, Shayan enjoys cooking, running, and exploring California by foot, wheel, or water.

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