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Dear Friends:

Welcome to our 2014 annual report! It is yours as well, because you partnered with Sustainable Conservation to prove – in bigger ways than ever – that California thrives when we unite to solve the toughest challenges facing our land, air, and water. Your partnership made it possible for us to listen to California’s businesses and landowners, and work together to devise economically effective solutions that benefit the environment.

California inspires us. From our unforgettable coastline and fertile valleys, to the forested sanctuaries of our mountain ranges and stark allure of our deserts, the natural majesty of the Golden State sustains body and soul. As California's population expands, more and more of us rely on our diverse wild and working landscapes. From food and water, to livelihood and recreation, we are nourished and supported in many different ways by the place we call home.

There’s a lot at stake in building a future for our state in which our environment, our businesses, and our communities all flourish. Too often, however, conflict overshadows common ground when solving environmental problems. That’s why Sustainable Conservation eschews the finger-pointing and focuses on uniting stakeholders to steward the resources on which we all depend.

We’re happy to share our 2014 progress in a paperless format. Please click around to learn more about what you’ve helped make possible. You will find stories of unlikely partnerships, including results with wider impact than we have ever reported before. I hope you’ll enjoy meeting a few of the people behind those inspiring stories.

Open-minded collaboration unites our rich community of partners, staff, and supporters, and makes remarkable things happen. I’m so glad you’re at the table with us. Thank you.

Warm regards,

Ashley Boren
Executive Director

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