Checking in.


How are you?

We hope you’re staying healthy and finding moments of solace.

We all have whiplash from reconfiguring our lives to try to slow the spread of COVID-19 in California, and worldwide. And while we can’t touch base in person right now, staying connected – for sanity, for support, and for planning our post-pandemic future together – is paramount. We want to hear from you, and offer opportunities for community gathering through our digital channels.

A quick update from Sustainable Conservation’s offices: we’re taking good care of ourselves and each other. Our organization has always been guided by patient listening and sound science; now is no different. We’re fortunately well set-up to collaborate remotely and have all transitioned to working from home. We’re appreciating the impromptu home tours, casual dress code, and sweet glimpses of our colleagues’ kids and pets through video conference calls. Mainly, we’re thankful to be able to continue our work to solve California’s water problems – and offer resilience strategies for our environment and economy in a world full of uncertainty.

We acknowledge not everyone has this flexibility. Many are struggling with financial instability due to layoffs, while others are risking exposure through jobs that keep essential services running for us all. Some of our daily routines now juggle work responsibilities with childcare and continuing our children’s educations from our living rooms. Some of us are in higher-risk demographics for COVID-19 infection, or caring for friends and family members who are immunocompromised. The news cycle is spinning at an incredibly high RPM. These dense layers of stress and concern are a lot to manage.

Our individual struggles may differ, but we Californians share the reality of sheltering in place to protect our most vulnerable neighbors. As we support the noble cause of community health through physical distancing, we still have plenty of options for keeping in touch to co-create a thriving future for our Golden State.

Sustainable Conservation is continuing our work with our partners to secure clean, reliable, sufficient water for all Californians. Our efforts help ensure our Golden State remains a nutrition epicenter for the U.S., supplying healthy food to millions of people across the country. Fresh fruit and vegetables bolster our immune systems, and California farms and farmworkers keep the nation’s grocery stores stocked.

We remain focused on solutions that help California prepare for future water shortages. Drought is a crisis our state has seen before and will see again. Coronavirus or not, climate change marches on; our perseverance now to improve water security will impact California communities, farms, and wildlife for generations to come.

We believe in the power of relationships to reveal creative strategies that protect the natural resources on which we all depend. Let’s explore new ways to stick together in support of a healthy California:


We’re deeply grateful for your solidarity and support. From all of us at Sustainable Conservation to all of you across the Internet ether: we wish you good health and comfort, and hope to see you online soon.