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About Sustainable Conservation

Sustainable Conservation helps California thrive by uniting people to solve the toughest challenges facing our land, air, and water. Every day, we bring together business, landowners and government to steward the resources that we all depend on in ways that are just and make economic sense.

Because we know that common ground is California’s most important resource.


Since 1993, Sustainable Conservation has built a track record of uniting people with different interests for conservation success. By listening deeply and honoring all perspectives, we locate common ground on which to forge a better path forward for our Golden State.

California thrives when we all work together.


We focus on problems in California that have not yet been adequately addressed and where our collaborative approach can make a difference.

We test strategies on the ground and scale those that have proven successful for maximum impact.

We craft solutions that benefit the environment and the economy.


Organizational Leadership

Ashley Boren, Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Flaherty, Director of Business Partnerships

Dr. Daniel Mountjoy, Director of Resource Stewardship

Charles Delgado, Policy Director

Aysha Massell, Program Director, Water for the Future

Erika Lovejoy, Program Director, Accelerating Restoration

Notable Media


Los Angeles Times, “Recharging groundwater reserves, not building new reservoirs, is key to California’s water future

Water Deeply, “Deeply Talks: groundwater banking potential

Los Angeles Times, “One key way soggy California could save water for the next dry spell

ABC 30-TV, “Local farmer using excess water to flood crops and improve his water table

Clean Water

Real California Milk, California Dairy Farmers Earn U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award in Collaboration with Environmental, Industry Partners

National Geographic, “California dairies join forces with conservationists and an irrigation supplier to save water and reduce groundwater pollution

KCRA TV-3, “The creature helping one farm be environmentally friendly

Water Deeply, “Why California’s nitrate problem will take decades to fix



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