Rogell Rogers

Agronomist, CCA, PCA

Rogell received his Bachelor of Science in Plant Science from UC Davis. Prior to joining Sustainable Conservation, he held the following positions:
  • Vegetable Crop Production Manager for Dole Fresh Vegetables, Greenhouse Transplant Division in Salinas.
  • Field Agronomist for Western Farm Services in Yuma, Arizona, Mexico and throughout Southern California.
  • Field CCA/ PCA for Village Nurseries & as Director of Production/Head Grower for Agromillora, Inc. in Northern and Southern California growing ornamental trees and fruit and nut trees including almonds trees from in vitro rootstocks.
  • Citrus Production Manager/Head Grower for Duarte Trees & Vines Nursery, where he focused on all types of citrus varieties from tissue culture production to finished 3-foot tall transplants ready for field planting.
  • ¬†Staff Agronomist for A & L Labs in Modesto, where he worked with the Laboratory analyst to determine data was statistically accurate before sending soil, water, and plant tissue test results to growers.

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