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Protecting Groundwater Quality While Practicing On-Farm Recharge

Sustainable Conservation and our partners have developed key resources to inform on-farm recharge practices that are protective of water quality.

Over 600,000 Californians rely on nitrate-contaminated public supply wells for their household water needs. Many others struggle with contaminated groundwater from private, domestic wells – so the impact is even greater. Recharging groundwater with water quality as a top priority will help the San Joaquin Valley – our nation’s premier farming region – manage through California’s inevitable droughts, ensure safe drinking water for farm-adjacent communities, and support a thriving agricultural economy as the region complies with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.


Water Quality Guidance Documents

Our two-page overview, nitrate management brief, and white paper present field- and regional-scale considerations to protect and even improve water quality for communities.

This nitrate management brief is a summary of the nitrate-specific findings from the research paper and is intended for growers, water planners, and communities. This paper summarizes current research on potential mobilization of nitrate and salts under AgMAR and presents field- and regional-scale considerations to protect and even improve water quality for communities.










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  1. When we #recharge groundwater, water quality has to be top of mind. Sustainable Conservation developed two key resources to help water mgrs and growers replenish our critical drought reserves while protecting community drinking water sources https://suscon.org/wq-guidance
  2. As the state looks to replenish our drought-critical #groundwater reserves, water quality has to be part of the equation. Sustainable Conservation’s new water quality guidance means we can #recharge groundwater and protect our community drinking water, too https://suscon.org/wq-guidance
  3. Over 600K Californians rely on drinking water from nitrate-contaminated public wells – and many more individuals with private wells struggle, too. Our new water quality guidance ensures groundwater #recharge keeps water quality concerns front and center https://suscon.org/wq-guidance

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