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Water issues here impact not only Californians, but many beyond our state’s borders who depend on exports of fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products from our unparalleled farming regions. And we humans aren’t the only ones in jeopardy – so too are our plant, fish, and animal neighbors who rely on healthy waterways to avoid extinction. Our changing climate escalates the urgency for action on all fronts.

While these problems affect each of us, they can also galvanize us to change course. Thanks to your support, Sustainable Conservation activates our commonalities to create solutions that skillfully incorporate environmental, business, and community health interests. Farmers, industry leaders, policymakers, and our conservation nonprofit colleagues are just some of the groups we bring together to meet California’s water needs now and into the future. Your generosity makes that synergy possible.

It all starts with listening – a simple and powerful tool, yet a dying art in our world of digital distraction and political polarization. Sustainable Conservation’s honed ability to connect disparate voices in a harmonized chorus for environmental progress means we’re a proven ally for Governor Newsom in building a secure water future for our Golden State.

After all, we only have ONE CALIFORNIA – two words that communicate both our purpose and our pathway. Partnering with our fellow Californians – rather than focusing on our divisions – prevails as our best strategy to continue our legacy of nationally renowned environmental leadership. Thank you for being one with us to care for this singular place that nearly 40 million of us call home. Together, we look forward to another quarter century of uniting people for a thriving California.