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Stopping the sale of invasive plants

To support vibrant native habitats and landscapes
Photo of Stephanie Falzone at Sloat Garden Center

Sustainable Conservation Project Manager Stephanie Falzone shares the plentiful non-invasive plant choices offered at Sloat Garden Center, one of our PlantRight retail partners.

With major support from the state’s horticultural industry, Sustainable Conservation launched PlantRight roughly a decade ago to stop the sale of invasive plants in California, and prevent new introductions. We’re pleased to announce that our campaign will soon cap off a successful career with a new home.

Our valued partner, Plant California Alliance, will lead PlantRight’s future growth.

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Whether you’re a homeowner, landscape professional, gardener, or plant seller, YOU are the key to protecting California’s environment, people, and wildlife from the problems caused by invasive plants. Visit PlantRight’s online resource trove to find out what you can do to help.

Planting for All Seasons

California’s climate means we can enhance our gardens with beautiful, non-invasive plants at many different times of the year. So, why not get started with PlantRight's free resources and a trip to your local retail nursery?

Know Before You Grow
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PlantRight’s Plant Risk Evaluator (PRE™) helps the horticultural trade predict, with 95% accuracy, whether or not a plant poses a high invasive risk in a specific region – and prevent bringing to market those plants identified as problematic.

Celebrating historic milestones from each of Sustainable Conservation’s programs as we reflect on a quarter century of uniting people for conservation progress.

Photo of nursery customer Convene partnership of nursery trade, plant science, and conservation leaders to launch PlantRight campaign to voluntarily halt the sale of invasive plants and protect our Golden State’s irreplaceable biodiversity.
Home Depot and Lowes logos California Home Depot and Lowe’s garden centers join dozens of independent and small-chain PlantRight retail nursery partners committed to promoting safe, non-invasive plants to benefit California’s environment and people. Our retail partnerships grow to nearly 400 garden centers.
PLOS-ONE logo Begin development of our Plant Risk Evaluator (PRE™) database and collaborative platform. A multi-year research endeavor – initiated at the University of Washington; completed at University of California, Davis; and peer-reviewed by PLOS ONE, the world’s largest scientific journal – informs and inspires our tool.
Photo of nursery Confirm a major reduction in big-box stores selling invasive plants – from 43% of stores selling at least one invasive plant in 2014 to a mere 3% in 2017.
Photo of nursery National validation of (PRE™) underway together with four botanical gardens, and state nursery trade associations – opening the door for industry-wide adoption of our method to assess plants for invasive characteristics before introducing them to market.