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2018 Donors

Sustainable Conservation extends our gratitude to the following individuals and institutions who contributed generously between January – December 2018. Thank you for diving in with us to ensure California communities, farms, and wildlife all have access to clean, reliable, sufficient water.

Donor list available to our supporters upon request.


In 2018, Sustainable Conservation celebrated 25 years of uniting people to solve our Golden State’s toughest environmental challenges. That’s a quarter century of bringing Californians together across many divides: environment and economy, farmers and lawmakers, industry and citizens. We’ve done a lot over the two-plus decades we’ve worked to steward California’s land, air and water, and we’re proud of our impact! But, don’t take our word for it. We had the great fortune to sit down with a handful of our dedicated donors and partners this year to talk about what inspires them to champion the environment and why they support Sustainable Conservation’s efforts.

Sally Liu
Sally Liu

Sustainable Conservation supporter since 2006; Sustainable Conservation Advisory Board member
Sally’s holistic conservation ethos encompasses California’s streams, mountains and all the species that depend on them. She’s supported Sustainable Conservation since our Brake Pad Partnership days, and admires how our sincerity and ability to build trust with our partners has never wavered.

Suds Hain.jpg
Suds Jain

Sustainable Conservation supporter since 2003
With an eye on climate change, and the tech savvy to see solutions on the horizon, Suds works to model how engineering technology and clean energy can brighten our future. Suds appreciates our science-based solutions and educational approach to environmental stewardship.

Charlene Harvey
Charlene Harvey

Sustainable Conservation Board member; Sustainable Conservation supporter since 2004
Charlene’s civic leadership is a model for all Californians – for over 50 years, she’s worked with nonprofits, parks and environmental organizations with a focus on climate change and resource stewardship. She lends her expertise to our esteemed Board of Directors to help guide what she sees as our tried and tested approach to bridging gaps between stakeholders in California.

Giacomini Family
The Giacomini Family of Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company

Sustainable Conservation supporter since 2018
Farming innovators and environmental champions, the Giacomini Family is modeling how agriculture and conservation can go hand in hand. They produce award-winning cheeses at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company while stewarding the land under their care. The Giacominis appreciate how advocates like Sustainable Conservation help them, and their industry, make inroads on essential environmental stewardship while maintaining healthy businesses.

Eric Lee.jpg
Eric Lee

Sustainable Conservation Science and Analytics Manager; Sustainable Conservation supporter since 2013
Eric Lee’s conservation journey began early. From the inspirational media of his youth to the expertise he brings to his work as our Science and Analytics Manager, his conservation journey focuses on how data, and the stories behind that data, drive smart solutions for a better tomorrow.