Sustainable Conservation extends our gratitude to the following individuals and institutions who contributed generously between January – December 2019.

Dan Dooley

“My father farmed his entire life, so I’m a San Joaquin Valley farmer at heart. Our family values have always been rooted in natural systems and I’m so invested in both Sustainable Conservation’s approach and work because this provides hope that my grandkids and their grandkids will be able to enjoy California’s unrivaled natural spaces just as I did. It’s never felt more important to support Sustainable Conservation’s work than it feels today.”

Dan Dooley Board Chair, long-time donor, Sacramento, CA

  Farms and Fish: A Dooley Family Tradition

Founder Circle

Gifts over $100,000

Anonymous (2)

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Chris and Nina Buchbinder

California Department of Water Resources

Delta Stewardship Council

General Mills

Morgan Family Foundation

The Elizabeth R. and William J. Patterson Foundation

Resources Legacy Fund

The Seaver Institute

State Water Contractors Association

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Conservation Innovation Grants

Water Foundation

Wildlife Conservation Board

Visionary Circle

Gifts between $50,000 and $99,999


The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

California Natural Resources Agency

Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation

The Duka Foundation, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Flora L. Thornton Foundation

The Landers Family

Nestle USA

Rebecca Patton and Tom Goodrich

The Rose Hills Foundation

Sand Hill Foundation

Russell and Elizabeth Siegelman

Tundra Glacier Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Innovator Circle

Gifts between $25,000 and $49,999

Anonymous (2)

Almond Board of California

David and Lyn Anderson

James G. Boswell Foundation

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

The Mary A. Crocker Trust

The Joseph Drown Foundation

Dan and Rae Emmett

The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation

Kissick Family Foundation

Paine Schwartz Partners, LLC, designated by Miles Reiter

The Sykes Family Fund and Goldman Sachs Gives Annual Giving Fund

Entrepreneur Circle

Gifts between $10,000 and $24,999

Anonymous (2)

Adams Legacy Foundation

Agricultural Preservation Alliance Inc.

Richard Barker

Tom Barry and Brenda Christensen

Laura and Girard Beaudin

Philip and Jamie Bowles

California State Parks

Anne D. and Walter B. Clark Family, an advised fund of Schwab Charitable

Annette and Tom Counts

Cox Family Fund

The Coxe Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Raymond M. Deméré, Jr. Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Stephanie DiMarco and Jim Harleen

Faucett Catalyst Fund at Schwab Charitable

Fred Gellert Family Foundation

Susan and William Gray

Mrs. Charlene C. Harvey

Laura Hattendorf and Andy Kau

Jennifer Hernandez

Ishiyama Foundation

The JEC Foundation

Kristine Johnson and Tim Dattels

JR and Jennifer Matthews

Peggy Miller

Meridee Moore and Kevin King

MYDAR Foundation

Ginger and Dan Oros

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Kristi and Tom Patterson

Payne Family Foundation

Noel Perry

J. Miles Reiter and Rosanne Reiter Family Foundation

Rigg Family Gift Fund, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable Fund

The Schmitz-Fromherz Family Fund

The Nancy and Greg Serrurier Fund, an advised fund of Vanguard Charitable

Gregory Wendt

Partner Circle

Gifts between $5,000 and $9,999

Anonymous (2)

Aufmuth Family Foundation

John Bidart

Ashley Boren and Dan Purtell

Don and Diane Bransford

Michael Bush

George Cogan and Fannie Allen

Dancing Tides Foundation

Dan and Diana Dooley

Susan and Eric Dunn

Sally and Craig Falkenhagen

Michael and Kristy Frantz

Alison and Chuck Gardner

Bill and Daryn Horton

Rich and Gina Kelley

Cynthia Hunter Lang

MacTon Foundation

Lawry and Charles Meister

The Ken Olivier and Angela Nomellini Charitable Fund

Solli Ball Family Fund

Michael Spiegelman

Cindy Starrett

TRI Commercial Real Estate

Leadership Circle

Gifts between $1,000 and $4,999

Anonymous (4)

Linda Rosenberg Ach and Andrew Ach

ACR Foundation

The Applewood Fund at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County

Jim and Julie Beecher

Michael and Jeanette Bidart Family Foundation

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Frank Boren

Christina Bullock

Blair Adams Carty Donor Advised Fund, an advised fund at the California Community Foundation

The Jan Clayton Charitable Fund, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Pamela Cook and Paul Gietzel

Beth Cross and Tony Stayner

The Cygnet Foundation

Amanda Dyson and Kevin Lai

Eades Foundation

Angie and Michael Earnhardt

East Creek Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

The Ecke Family

Bob Epstein and Amy Roth

Laura and John Fisher

Joe Gervais and Bonnie Brown

Bruce and Madelyn Glickfeld

Katie and Blake Griffin

Allison Harvey Turner and Michael Turner

Amy and Bob Healey

Winston Hickox

Potente Huddleston Family Fund

Iverson Family Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Sudhanshu and Lori Jain

The Janney/Montgomery Family Fund, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Alex Karolyi and Seana O’Shaughnessy

Johonna and Aaron Katz

Chip Koch and Tricia Stone

Stephen Koch and Kathy Nyrop

Gary Kremen

Landau/Purcell Charitable Lead Trust

Eric Lee

The Suzanne Legallet Charitable Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Jeff Loomans and Patricia Munter

Kriken Family Charitable Fund, A Fund of American Endowment Foundation

Bryce and Jill Lundberg

Deb and Tim McCune

John and Sandra McGonigle Donor Advised Fund at Schwab Charitable

Julie and Craig McNamara

Fran Miller

Kirsten and Arthur Miller

William Mitchel

Richard Morrison Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation

Stephanie Moulton-Peters and Roger Peters

Leslie Moulton-Post

The Rudolph J. and Daphne A. Munzer Foundation

Jan Nash

The Neely-Myers Trust

Doug and Emilie Ogden

Oath, Inc.

Mrs. Patricia B. Oppenheim

Adán Ortega, Jr. and Susan Allen

Brian Ostrom

Julie Packard

Scott Powell and Cinder Boxrud

Tina and John Quinn

Jon Reiter

Rogers Family Fund, Vicky & David, an advised fund of Pasadena Community Foundation

Rosendahl Family Fund, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Rosston Family Fund, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Lois and Arthur Roth

Sandy Carlson and Steven Rudman

Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery

Richard Storrs

Dana and Jeff Swisher

Michael and Shirley Traynor

Lisa and Ted Williams

Collaborator Circle

Gifts between $500 and $999

Anonymous (2)

R. David and Kathryn Arnold

Joe and Toni Bagley

The Scott and Ky-Van Benson Charitable Fund

Fred Benz and Nancy McCallister

Ann Boren

Don Cameron

The Victoria Chen and Jeffrey Guild Fund

Heana Chung

Kimberley and Christopher Delfino

Jonathan Forrester

Geoff Gordon-Creed and Jean Fraser

Steve Gross

Ellen Hanak and Robert Valletta

Hansen Watkins Family Fund, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Andrea Higgins and Pete Chung

Julie and David Hodge

Leslie Friedman Johnson

Dara Kerkorian

Dr. and Mrs. Roger Lang

Todd and Megan Lewis

Steve and Katy McCormick

Daniel Mountjoy

Sandra V. Naftzger Fund, an advised fund at the California Community Foundation

Elisabeth and Jeff Ostrow

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (Corporate matching gifts)

The Parish Family Foundation, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Evelyne and Richard Rominger

Sara and Michael Rosenthal

Pamela Sergio

Tom Shannon

Sklar Family Fund

Kent Stenderup

Andrew Stocking and Amy Myers

J. Stacey Sullivan and Adrienne Alvord

Andrea and John Thomas

The Richard C. and Barbara C. Van Dusen Family Fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Varsity Technologies

Tony and Joan Turkovich

Sue and Kirk Wilkinson

Jack Williams

Susan and Chris Willrich

Contributor Circle

Gifts between $1 and $499

Anonymous (17)

Lori Adams

Leah and Brahm Ahmadi

Ana Akhtar


Donald Anderson and Bette Floreani

Kari Anderson

Marsha and John Anderson

Apple, Inc. Matching Gifts

Jacqueline Arase

Cristina Reis de Araujo

Michael Aronson and Jody London

Murray Aronson

Chiye Azuma

Adam Bester

Paul Betancourt

F. Thomas Biglione

Neil Black

Beth Block

Claudia Bluestein Cohan

Norah Brower

Michael Bruner

Janel Brynda

The Buckner Charitable Fund, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Cheryl Buckwalter

Lewis Butler

Patricia and Rich Campbell

Celeste Cantu and Barry Stampfl

David Cardinal and Lorrie Duval

Robyn Carliss and Joshua Pieper

Emmy Cattani

Ralph Cavanagh

Mike and Hildy Chaple

Joe Choperena

Jennifer Christian

Patricia Clark

Julie Clark de Blasio

Mara Cohen and Allan Marks

Susie Cohen

Gregory and Jessica Coleman

Susan Corlett

Chrissie and Brooks Crawford

Eric and Mary Crawford

Todd Crawford and Krista Fogleman

Andrea Cristofani

Nona Dennis

Eugene Duval

Michelle Eaton

Debbie Falzone

Stephanie Falzone

Ryan and Erica Flaherty

William Reed Foster

Randy Fox

Erich Franz Schimps

Susan Gardner

Matt Garlinghouse

Stephen Garry

Google Matching Gifts Program

Steven and Jane Green

Grinstead Family Charitable Fund, an advised fund at Schwab Charitable

Richard Hammond

Christa Harader

David Hayes

Jack Henderson

Lawrence Henderson

Martha Henderson and Steven Ladd

Betty and Bob Hogan

Katherine Humpstone and Jeremy Koch

Amy and Rob Hurlbut

Audrey Irwin

The Janda-Glouchevitch Family Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable

The Johnston-Reading Fund, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Steaven K. & Judith G. Jones Foundation

Dona Juergens

Richard Kannisto

Arthur Keller

Deborah Kemp

Lois and Leland Kent

Linda Kilb

Camille King

Leslie Lamarre

Allen Lee

Jane Lew

Edna and Matthew Lewis

Peggie Macleod

Les and Kay Magoon

Nicole Martin

Particia Matteson and Michael Zeiss

Michelle and Duncan McBride

Kelli McCune

Frank McGuire

Kathy and Tom McLaughlin

Steve McShane

David Menefee and Karin Anderson

Elizabeth Merryweather

Anne Mester and Gene Poschman

Donna Meyers

Nancy Miljanich

John and Mary Milton

Alice and David Mount

Ashlin Mountjoy

Trish Mulvey

Jim and Liz Musbach

Rebecca Nako

Tracie Neuhaus

Lisa Newman-Wise

Hannah Nowakowski

OSIsoft, LLC

Joan Osterman

Gina Pacheu

Karen Pankey

Stephanie Papas

Gary Patton

Henry Peck Little

Katie and Clark Porter

Wendy Pulling

Jane Quinn

Gordon Rausser

Harriet Reiter

Jim and Mary Rickert

Susan Rikalo

Robert Giacomini Dairy Inc.

Emily Robidart Rooney

Paul Robins

Marty and Joan Rosen

Kirsten Rosselot

Joan Sanders

Shaffer Charitable Fund

Rebecca Shaw

Susan Sheeran

H. Stanton Shelly

Ann Silva

Shirley and Igor Skaredoff

Candace and George Skarlatos

Tara Slater

Stacey and David Smith

Lester Snow

Stephen Socolof

Tessa Solomon

Suzannah Sosman

Jim and Camille Spar

Kay Sprinkel Grace

Berta Steele

Debby Stegura and Larry Vanden Bos

Richard and Christine Sterling

Hugh and Diane Stevenson

Elizabeth Storey

Sam Strasser and Sarah Harrison Strasser

Taketa ‘Ohana Fund of the Hawai’i Community Foundation

Kathy and Tom Thackeray

Alvin Thoma

Elena and John Thompson

Tiger Fund at Schwab Charitable

Jennifer Trainor

Laura Unal

Timothy Vendlinski and Nancy Lindsay

Kathy Viatella

Paul Vlahakis

Beryl Voss

Miriam Vu

Gail Waldron

Austin Whitman

Wendy and Mason Willrich

Brian Wilson

The Woodward Family, an advised fund of Fidelity Charitable

Mary Ann Zetes

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

Anonymous, in honor of Charlotte Elmore

Anonymous, in memory of Albert & Fernanda Uomini

Anonymous, in honor of Ed and Carrie Merrell

Anonymous, in honor of California Aquifers

Shannon Flaherty, in honor of the Ryan Flaherty Family

Alison and Chuck Gardner, in memory of Betty Gardner

Joe Gervais and Bonnie Brown, in honor of Chris Buchbinder

Cynthia Hanson, in honor of Kelli McCune

Alex Karolyi and Seana O’Shaugnessy in honor of the talented, dedicated and generally amazing Sustainable Conservation team.

Leonie Klante, in memory of Iris/Mingmei Ip, rising flower

Katherine Kleiner, in honor of Nicholas Dewar

Kelli McCune, in honor of Isabelle and Isaiah Flores

Kelli McCune, in honor of Tim McCune

Lawry and Charles Meister, in honor of Ashley Boren

Jan Merryweather, in honor of Susan Corlett

Kevin Miller and Robert Jardin, in honor of Robyn Carliss

Ned Segal, in honor of Kathy McLaughlin

Tessa Solomon, in honor of Julie Juergens

Jane and Bill Stocklin, in honor of Leah Katz Ahmadi

Elizabeth Thagard, in honor of Wendy Pulling

In-Kind Gifts

Kathy Brown

Paul Hastings LLP

Ginger and Dan Oros

Tom Spelce