Replenishing our aquifers to hydrate people, farms, and the environment during drought years.

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Our partners keep us innovating, researching, and striving for a sustainable, clean, and healthy water supply for all.   MEET MICHAEL   MEET BRIAN   MEET MARK

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Our work with the California Department of Water Resources amplifies the climate prediction capabilities of our software that helps California water agencies maximize groundwater recharge in regions suffering the most from depleted aquifers.  GRAT™  FLOOD-MAR

California Capitol

The Newsom administration has a proven ally in Sustainable Conservation to ensure a secure water future for our Golden State.  CAPITOL CONNECTION

Thank you for partnering with Sustainable Conservation to get California’s next water moves right. The stakes are high – our Golden State grows over 400 different crops, some of which can’t be cultivated anywhere else in the world. Shrinking water resources also impact communities who rely on aquifers for their drinking water, and fish and wildlife who rely on water flowing dependably in rivers and streams.

Thank you for supporting our work with farmers and water managers across California to replenish parched aquifers – boosting our underground “savings account” to weather future droughts. As a result of our projects and outreach powered by our supporters, many Golden State farming leaders are uniting to promote groundwater recharge as a strategy to protect and enhance our water security.

Michael Naito and Ladi Asgill
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Michael Naito

“I’m doing my work for dry years in the years the storms come. Change is hard, but – in the California spirit – we have to be willing to try something a little different, to do our part.”