Transforming dairy waste from pollutant to valuable resource.


Our award-winning partnership supports healthy aquifers by helping dairy farmers make the best use of limited water supplies and the “black gold” their cows already produce to grow feed crops.   THEORY OF CHANGE  LESSONS LEARNED

In the field

One of the most satisfying parts of our work is seeing the solutions you help us build start to take off. Here are a couple examples of how we stay connected to our partners and our progress together.   ON-THE-GROUND OUTREACH  WORLD AG EXPO HIGHLIGHTS

Thank you for partnering with Sustainable Conservation from the corn field to the Capitol. You help elevate promising technology and build support networks around farmers so environmental innovation takes root where it’s needed most. Together, we have built a theory of change on the bedrock of inclusive partnerships. Finding common ground with one another offers the best chance we have to secure healthy water and air for all Californians.

Thank you for supporting our work to protect water quality and increase climate resilience in collaboration with farming communities acutely affected by these issues. In our drought-prone Golden State, depleted and polluted aquifers threaten the people who grow the food that nourishes us all. Lasting environmental change really only comes from listening to the people who work on the ground, and incorporating their needs and ideas into solutions. Your generosity allows us to do just that.

Nate Ray and John Cardoza
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Tune in to a pair of podcasts showcasing our subsurface irrigation technology that helps dairies reduce groundwater contamination and improve air quality. The system employs manure as fertilizer and allows the same, or more, corn (aka cow chow) to be grown with approximately 36% less water, 45% less nitrogen, and 70% fewer irrigation-related greenhouse gas emissions as compared to traditional flood irrigation.

Karen Ross

“Despite facing many pressures, California farmers are resilient and always look for ways to lead in environmental stewardship. Sustainable Conservation crafts practical technology and solutions in lockstep with farmers and industry partners that lead to enduring environmental solutions. This new drip system helps California dairies produce healthy milk while reducing their water and greenhouse gas impacts, and serves as a model for dairy producers across the U.S.”