Sustainable Conservation thanks our partners and advisors for uniting with us to solve the toughest challenges facing California’s land, air, and water.

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HOMEPAGE: Main photo of Sustainable Conservation Senior Agronomist Ladi Asgill and Madera County farmer Michael Naito and photo of Friant-Kern canal by Paolo Vescia. Sustainable Conservation board and staff members at the Kern Water Bank courtesy of Sustainable Conservation.

RELIABLE WATER: Background photo, middle section top photo of Sustainable Conservation Senior Agronomist Ladi Asgill and Madera County farmer Michael Naito, photo of Ladi Asgill holding a pistachio branch, and photo of Michael Naito alongside his quote by Paolo Vescia. “Farmer Profiles” photo of Brian Davis by Alex Karolyi.

CLEAN WATER: Background photo, “Outstanding Community Impact” photo of Sustainable Conservation Senior Project Manager John Cardoza and De Jager Dairy CEO Nate Ray, middle section top photo of Nate Ray and John Cardoza, and photo of De Jager Dairy cows by Paolo Vescia. “In the Field” harvest photo by John Cardoza. John Cardoza and Sustainable Conservation Science and Analytics Manager Eric Lee in the field courtesy of Sustainable Conservation.

HEALTHY WATERWAYS AND WILDLIFE: Background photo by Will Boucher/California Sea Grant. “Salmon Spotlight” photo of Coho salmon courtesy of Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington. “In Her Words” photo of Sustainable Conservation Accelerating Restoration Program Director Erika Lovejoy by Christa Harader. “Wake-up Call” photo of a Mission blue butterfly by Patrick Kobernus. Middle section top photograph of Miners Creek beaver dam analogue (BDA) installation courtesy of the Scott River Watershed Council. Photo of California red-legged frog courtesy of KQED QUEST. Photo of Trout Unlimited North Coast Coho Project Manager Elizabeth Mackey and Sustainable Conservation Project Manager Stephanie Falzone by Christa Harader.

ADDITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Background photo and Rominger brother photos by Paolo Vescia.

ABOUT US: Top photo of Leah Katz Ahmadi and Sustainable Conservation Conservation Incentives Project Director Kelli McCune by Christa Harader. Left photo of Sustainable Conservation Creative and Communications Director Robyn Carliss by Paolo Vescia. Right photo of Sustainable Conservation Director of Business Partnerships Ryan Flaherty and Sustainable Conservation Digital Content Producer Christa Harader by Christa Harader.

DESIGN AND CODING: Vicki Valentine

WRITING AND ART DIRECTION: Robyn Carliss, Creative and Communications Director, Sustainable Conservation

Leah Katz Ahmadi and Kelli McCune
Robyn Carliss
Ryan Flaherty and Christa Harader