Thanks to you, we’re saving for the future

Watch Video: Sustainable Conservation Senior Project Manager, Kelli McCune, discusses the recharge basin we and our partners completed in 2016. In future wet years, floodwater from the Kings River in the San Joaquin Valley will be redirected to fill the basin where it will then seep into the ground and raise water levels in the aquifer below.


Most people think saving is for rainy days.
But thanks to you, Sustainable Conservation is making tremendous strides in saving water for dry ones.

Despite a good start to what we hope will be a wet winter, California is still in a record-breaking drought. But we are making important progress, and it’s all thanks to you.

Your help fuels our approach to save and restore groundwater during this historic drought, including a powerful alliance of public- and private-sector leaders that celebrated the completion of a major groundwater-replenishment project this year in the heart of the hard-hit San Joaquin Valley.

The project, which aims to recharge area aquifers with nearly 850 million gallons of groundwater, required a massive team effort. Your donations helped us gain the support of the California Department of Water Resources, the Kings Basin Water Authority, and Coca-Cola. We could not have made so much progress without you. Read more about this project.

In addition, we are grateful for your support in helping us pioneer an innovative technique of recharging farmland by flooding it with excess storm water. Just five years ago, this strategy seemed crazy. Now, the idea is generating a flood of interest in using farmland to help meet California’s water needs well into the future! Read more about the success of this strategy.

As we enter another winter, supporting innovative ways to conserve and reuse California’s water has never been so important. The state’s parched landscapes and communities desperately need new approaches to saving water. Your support is essential to helping Sustainable Conservation save water for the future, and we simply can’t thank you enough.

With heartfelt thanks,


Ashley Boren

Executive Director

P.S. We depend on your support to help save and restore our natural resources. Please donate today.