Celebrate 30 Years with Us!

This Giving Tuesday, we’re celebrating 30 years of stewarding California’s most precious natural resources. If you have already made a gift to Sustainable Conservation this year, thank you for your generous support! If you haven’t yet, this Giving Tuesday is a very special time to join us. All new and increased gifts will be matched by longtime donors the Emmett Family Foundation and John Dawson.

I hope you will make a gift this Giving Tuesday! Your support this year commemorates 30 years of positive environmental impact and fuels a long and successful future for Sustainable Conservation.


Sustainable Conservation’s proven problem-solving approach is our greatest asset. We convene broad coalitions of people who may otherwise work within narrow constraints and with limited resources. We use science, creativity, and patience to meet challenges and listen to people with on-the-ground expertise who’re impacted most.


The California Department of Water Resources reported that Californians recharged enough groundwater for 11 million homes this year alone.

Our SDI technology saves almost two million gallons of water per year on 3,500 acres in the Central Valley – and there’s real potential to scale nationally and globally with your support!

Expedited habitat restoration permitting pathways can increase agency review speed tenfold to get projects approved and started. They’ll also save around $124 million in staff time and consultant fees over the first decade of implementation.

We’re proud of our results, but we can’t do it alone. We need your support to help build climate resilience for California. This Giving Tuesday, help us make our watershed moment possible.