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DESIGN AND CODING: Vicki Valentine

WRITING AND ART DIRECTION: Robyn Carliss, Director of Creative Services, Sustainable Conservation



HOMEPAGE: 4-photo montage, left to right: 1) Paolo Vescia, 2) Christa Harader, 3) Will Boucher/California Sea Grant, 4) Christa Harader.

WELCOME: Header photo: Stephanie Falzone.

REPLENISHING GROUNDWATER: Header photo: Paolo Vescia. Main photo: Paolo Vescia. “Workshop Showcases Promise of Groundwater Recharge in Wine Country”: Christa Harader. 25th anniversary timeline: 2011: Paolo Vescia; 2014: Scott Sills; 2017, left: Paolo Vescia.

PROTECTING COASTAL AQUIFERS: Header photo: Malcolm Carlaw. Main photo: Christa Harader. “Meet the Central Coast Farmers Building a Better Water Future”: Christa Harader. 25th anniversary timeline: 2012: Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County; 2013: Christa Harader; 2017: California FarmLink.

ACCELERATING HABITAT RESTORATION: Header photo: Chuck Gardner. Main photo: Will Boucher/California Sea Grant. “Speeding Statewide Fish and Wildlife Recovery”: Scott River Watershed Council, with inset (coho) courtesy of Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington. “San Francisco Chronicle Letter to the Editor”: NMFS/Southwest Fisheries Science Center Salmon Ecology Team. Restoration project photo diptychs: credited on page. 25th anniversary timeline: 2014: Paolo Vescia; 2014-2016: Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington; 2018: Paolo Vescia.

TRANSFORMING DAIRY WASTE: Header photo: Ryan Flaherty. Main photo: Paolo Vescia. “Water-Smart Dairy: Farmers Conserve and Protect Water Using Precision Technologies”: Paolo Vescia. 25th anniversary timeline: 2000: Paolo Vescia; 2003: Paolo Vescia; 2007: courtesy of Rob Hilarides; 2013: Paolo Vescia; 2014: Paolo Vescia.

STOPPING INVASIVE PLANTS: Header photo: Robyn Carliss. Main photo: Christa Harader. 25th anniversary timeline: 2017: Greg Richardson.

DONORS: Header photo: Paolo Vescia. “Profiles in Conservation”: courtesy of donors.

PARTNERS: Header photo: Paolo Vescia. 3-photo montage, left to right: 1) Alex Karolyi, 2) Christa Harader, 3) Paolo Vescia.

ABOUT US: Header photo: Paolo Vescia. Tree: Paolo Vescia.