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Aquatic restoration projects made easier in California thanks to new statewide consultation available to federal agencies

We’re excited to announce a brand-new restoration consultation in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service! Thank you to all of our partners, consultants and, most importantly, team members whose years of hard work helped usher this important collaboration across the finish line. Stay tuned as we dig into the details of what this […]

Spotlighting 5 Years of Critical California Restoration

Photo: K. King/FWS California faces many challenges this year. Climate change has spurred the worst wildfires our Golden State has ever seen. Over a million acres of wildlife habitat have burned in 2020 alone, and our “fire season” stretches on. Thanks to the hard work of our firefighters and community members, California’s resilience capacity is […]

The UN Report is a Wakeup Call for Unified Action

This week, the United Nations delivered a sobering (if not bleak) report card on how well we humans are stewarding the nearly 9 million plant and animal species estimated to live on Earth. While the final grade isn’t a complete surprise considering our poor performance over the last century, we received a resounding F. Experts […]