Sustainable Conservation Receives CalTrout’s Streamkeeper Award

Photos courtesy of CalTrout

We are honored to announce that we received CalTrout’s Streamkeeper Award, presented at their 50th anniversary gala this past month. We at Sustainable Conservation have a great deal of respect for CalTrout’s mission of ensuring resilient wild fish thrive in healthy waters for a better California – an area of environmental problem-solving we also specialize in through our Accelerating Restoration program. Together, we’re allies in saving California’s waterways, fish, and wildlife before it’s too late.

Alongside other amazing recipients like the Public Policy Institute of California, we are humbled to be considered a key part of California’s habitat restoration successes, and legacy. We strive to create permit processes that get more restoration on the ground, faster to protect our imperiled species, boost our vital ecosystems, and restore recreation for communities.

Sustainable Conservation CEO Ashley Boren joins the Public Policy Institute of California onstage during the award ceremony

CalTrout takes a holistic approach to habitat restoration. They spend countless hours not just on single projects, but on watershed-level restoration plans. Balancing the needs of species, agricultural operations, and human communities isn’t easy, but CalTrout’s commitment to protecting our salmonids is commendable, and critical.

Thank you to CalTrout for all that you do, and for your steady, excellent partnership over the past decades.

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