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Happy new year to you and your family and friends. Thank you for being part of the Sustainable Conservation community! A more sustainable water future is possible, and our climate resilience matters now more than ever. We’re grateful for your generosity and steadfast support and are proud to celebrate 30 years of sustainable and transformational […]


It’s 2022, and we’ve weathered another challenging year. Our ongoing public health crisis and seismic climate paradigm shift revealed a critical truth: we are in this together. The only way we can envision and enable a bountiful water future for all Californians is by working for change with and alongside one another. Us humans, the […]


It’s almost 2021. Time was tricky in 2020 – alternating between moving like molasses and speeding by in a blur. We’re looking forward to the symbolic shift of the calendar, and better days ahead. To say that this year was a challenge is an understatement. California, the nation, and the world faced unprecedented public health […]

Thank You for Making 2019 a Success!

It’s December, it’s almost 2020 and we’re knee-deep in whirlwind planning and our daily work to help California achieve a sustainable water future. Let’s take a moment to pause, reflect and be thankful for what we’ve accomplished this year – thanks to you. From farms to fish to families, everything we do to ensure we […]

2019: A Year of Promise

Looking Back Thanks to 25 years of experience, we know one thing for sure: change can’t happen when we don’t work together. In 2018, we continued building new ways to conserve and protect California’s most vital resource – water. The challenge is a big one, but it’s not impossible. We’re moving the needle on multiple […]