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Meet the Central Coast Growers Building a Better Water Future

A Closed Loop In California’s Pajaro and Salinas Valleys, aquifers are it. With almost no surface water coming to the Central Coast from further upstream, the region depends entirely on dwindling groundwater. As local aquifer levels go down, the space left behind draws seawater into the fresh water supply. Nutrients from fertilizer also make their […]

Deluge After Drought

Deluge After Drought

As a young boy in Redding, Calif., Don Cameron remembers wild grapes growing happily from roots submerged in creek water. Years later, on his way to and from work during the winter of 1982-83, he kept an eye on a vineyard flooded by the brimming San Joaquin River. Come fall that year, he marveled over […]

Recent Storms Fill Groundwater Recharge Basin Built by Public-Private Alliance

From construction to capture: Laguna Irrigation District recharge basin receiving flood flows for the first time. Photos by Scott Sills. Rain has returned to many parts of California, and we’re pleased to share an update on a multi-partner effort you may be familiar with: the Laguna Irrigation District dedicated groundwater recharge basin. An alliance of […]