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Sustainable Conservation Releases Key Water Quality Guidance for On-Farm Recharge

Over 600,000 Californians rely on nitrate-contaminated public supply wells for their household water needs. Many others struggle with contaminated groundwater from private, domestic wells – so the numbers are even greater. Recharging groundwater with water quality as a top priority will help the San Joaquin Valley – our nation’s premier farming region – manage through…

San Joaquin Valley Leadership Community Makes Strong Case for Aquifer Recharge

As California faces another historic drought and climate change forever alters our collective understanding of water, we’re motivated and inspired by our San Joaquin Valley Regional Committee’s (SJVRC) leadership, trust, and vision for a sustainable water future. Planning for Future Wet Years Groundwater recharge is a key part of our drought resilience, and planning for…

Farms and Fish: A Dooley Family Tradition

Behind every environmental win in California are the people who work to make collaboration and progress possible. We couldn’t do what we do every day without folks who are willing to think differently, see possibilities, and make change together. As part of our new Check in & Connect series, Michael Behrens, our Chief Development officer,…

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