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Introducing Mikayla Tran

We’re excited to introduce a new Grizzly Corps member to our team this month: Mikayla Tran! Mikayla Tran (she/her) is excited to be serving with Sustainable Conservation in Modesto, California during the 2021-2022 GrizzlyCorps term. As a fellow, she will assess opportunities for SGMA and CV-SALTS to drive better outcomes in water and sustainable agriculture.…

NPR Highlights Importance of Groundwater Replenishment in California

Don Cameron examines his almond orchard during a recharge event at Terranova Ranch. Photo: Paolo Vescia In case you missed it, this excellent story on how groundwater recharge can help balance our underground savings accounts features partners like Don Cameron, Aaron Fukuda, and U.C. Davis researchers. It’s also a testament to the hard work and…

2020 Annual Report

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING SUSTAINABLE CONSERVATION IN 2020. As you know, the ethos of Sustainable Conservation is collaboration – with our partners, and with you, our community of donors. Your generosity and solidarity make Sustainable Conservation’s work possible! With the hurdles that we all continue to face, it means so much to have you in…

Science Brief: Water Solutions in our Soil

Sustainable Conservation’s Elliot Grant and Kelli McCune work diligently to sleuth out soil health and conservation incentive solutions. We hope you enjoy this excerpt from the latest issue of our Thrive California newsletter. We can support healthy soils – and the water quality and climate solutions they provide – by bringing a time-worn method back…

Building a Sustainable Economy: Meet Adán Ortega

Behind every environmental win in California are the people who work to make collaboration and progress possible. We couldn’t do what we do every day without folks who are willing to think differently, see possibilities, and make change together. We sat down with Adán Ortega, long-time Board member and supporter, to learn about why he…

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